FAQ (answered by Dr. Maureen Archer)

+ Are your programs right for me?

Our programs are designed to assist professionals, especially in the STEM fields, who wish to improve their speaking, writing and/or presenting skills and products. As we provide focused, fully customized training and support that fits within our clients' busy schedules, this is an executive-level service.

+ Do you work with only international professionals?

We enjoy assisting both native and non-native English-speaking clients, and our classes include everyone. For our individual support program, we specialize in helping international clients because we have the linguistics education and experience to provide indepth assessment and instruction in areas such as phonetics, paralinguistics, grammar/syntax, semantics, discourse analysis, cross-cultural communication and rhetorical styles.

+ What is the process?

First, you may contact me either by email (info@professionalenglishinc.com), by phone (1-757-374-8166, please leave a message) or by the form on the Contact Us page. Second, we will arrange your free consultation to discuss your needs and determine how best to proceed.

+ How much does it cost?

As with most customized programs, the cost will depend of the results you want. You and I will determine this during your free consultation.